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November 15, 2023 Changelog #12 - Editing Initiatives, Slack and Salesforce improvements, and more

November 2023 • View Online

🍣 Inline editing of Initiatives and Impact Areas

You can now edit and delete Initiatives, impact Areas and teams within a feature.


💅🏼 Nice Slack preview for Cardinal Links

Cardinal features and feedback items look pretty and useful right within Slack; we’re working on similar previews in other common productivity tools. Connect your Slack for the preview to appear.


🥞 Beta-testing Slack Team Notifications

We’re rolling out a beta of Slack Team Notifications - you can get notified on unique cardinal insights (feature’s dollar value or engineering status changed, incoming feedback call came in, AI found interesting features requested, etc). Let us know if you’re interested.


🤑 Salesforce improvements

We're now better at understanding your Salesforce deals structure, even if not trivial, and do it much faster.